Expand your cannabis and cbd business

C4B International germinated in 2015 and was incorporated in 2018 to provide solutions to a number of issues arising in the nascent CBD and cannabis world. We strive to help the industry grow and flourish in a legal and healthy way, by offering knowledgeable advice and creative solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you represent a B2B or B2C company, we have a number of solutions for you to help with :

Setting up a viable and fully compliant business
Technical solutions for your shop
Getting better visibility with customers and business partners
Increase B2B and B2C reach and sales


We offer a range of legal advice to help you always be compliant with your local jurisdiction.

  • Expert knowledge of local, national and international laws for CBD, medical and recreational cannabis
  • Constant monitoring of ever-changing laws for CBD and cannabis in Europe thanks to our lawyers and legal counsellors
  • 10+ years of experience working regulated European markets and dealing with local and regional legal discrepancies

Payment Solution

Our experience working on the European markets showed that finding a reliable payment solution with competitive prices is an impossible task. Several factors have led the industry to this situation : rapidly changing laws, limited knowledge of the laws and associated risks, unwillingness of payment solutions to work on what is considered a high-risk product… leading to a blatant lack of competition.

This is why we created our own payment services, now available to you CBD and cannabis professionals. We offer :

  • Payment solution for online shops, working with all major e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento)
  • Most competitive rates for payment transactions
  • Free business account
  • Integrated payment gateway with an interactive dashboard to have full visibility on your account, transactions, and multiple reporting tools
  • Range of contactless card reader PoS terminals

Marketing and Communication

The CBD industry in Europe is already very competitive, with countless actors and new brands emerging every single day. It is not an easy task to stand out from competitors in such a landscape. The regulatory environment and advertising restrictions make it even trickier to implement a viable marketing and communication strategy.

 C4B International can help with :

  • Web Development : we help you build a great-looking technically optimized website for your brand or online shop
  • Optimization of product descriptions
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design to stand out from the crowd (logo creation, brand identity)
  • Creation of engaging promotional and/or educational content for your brand
  • Advice for international expansion and tranlation-related issues

Portfolio - Our brands

On top of our teams of specialists who can help with the many services detailed above, C4B owns a number of brands.


Online marketplace for legal CBD and cannabis-derived products, largest catalogue of CBD products in Europe. Most competitive prices on all products


Manufactures and distributes a range of CBD teas and infusions, made from the purest teas and herbs selected, blended with organic EU certified hemp.


Directory for EXPRESS delivery of CBD and cannabis products. Partnership with more than 600 shops. Presence in 12 European countries. ‘The Uber of cannabis’


French Media outlet for all news related to cannabis internationally. Offers a variety of advertising services (articles, ads strips and banners, contests with prizes)

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